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Executive Director
California Invasive Plant Council
Berkeley, CA


Doug Johnson has served as Executive Director for the nonprofit California Invasive Plant Council since 2002. Cal-IPC supports sound science and policy on invasive plants, and provides training and networking opportunities for the state's natural resource managers. Its 1,000 members comprise natural resource managers, researchers, volunteers and concerned citizens. Mr. Johnson currently serves as vice-chair for the National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils, and is that organization’s representative to the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species. Prior to working at Cal-IPC, Mr. Johnson worked in resource management with California State Parks, and in energy conservation for the City & County of San Francisco. He holds Masters degrees in Geography and Mechanical Engineering.

Personal Statement

“I believe that addressing invasive species is one of the most significant environmental challenges facing Californians today. By creating the Invasive Species Council and its advisory committee, the state has established a vital structure for coordinating efforts aimed at addressing this challenge. All Californians have a stake in stewarding the state’s incredible resources, and I am committed to providing an open forum for all to contribute.”

Conflict of Interest Statement

Cal-IPC is nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect California wild lands and waters from invasive plants by promoting sound research, restoration, education and policy. Cal-IPC’s board of directors oversee the organization’s financial and programmatic activities. Cal-IPC receives part of its funding through grants and contracts with agencies including the US Forest Service, the California Department of Food & Agriculture, and the State Water Board. Cal-IPC also receives funding through organizational sponsorships for our annual 3-day Symposium. For financial statements, we post our annual IRS tax filings as a 501c3 educational charity.


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