Invasive Shot Hole Borers (ISHB)

In 2018, the California Legislature passed, and the Governor approved AB 2470 (Grayson) which authorized the California Invasive Species Council to develop a plan for the cure or suppression of diseases associated with the spread of Invasive Shot Hole Borers (ISHB), including, but not limited to the Polyphagous and Kuroshio shot hole borers and allocated $5 million for the execution of the Invasive Shot Hole Borer plan.

There are multiple elements to be developed in the plan, they include:

  • ISHB Pathways (Green Waste and Firewood)
  • ISHB Research
  • ISHB Survey, Detection and Rapid Response
  • ISHB Outreach and Education

You can participate in more than one subcommittee. If you wish to receive notices of all of the ISHB subcommittee meetings, please visit CDFA's Email Subscriptions and subscribe to the Invasive Shot Hole Borer (ISHB) Email List, following the instructions provided on the web page.

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